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Nail Soak Guarantee

Herbal Nail Fungus Soak Guarantee

Herbal Nail Fungus SoakOur Guarantee: There’s enoughNail Fungus Soak formula in a box for about 2 months of soaking. If you have followed the directions, using the vinegar we recommend (and not digging under your nails or cutting them back, too close to the flesh), soaking daily, and have not seen any results, simply send us proof of purchase for a one time refund of the product price. (We do not refund S&H charges, or out-of-state taxes, if any.)

This guarantee is for one box of Nail Fungus Soak, one time, only. (We believe that you can tell by the end of 2 months of using the first box whether the Nail Fungus Soak is working, and the guarantee is for that first box only.) We offer no guarantee on Spilanthes Usnea tincture, as we are not the manufacturer of that very fine product. Our goal is to help you be rid of your nail fungus.

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