Dream Pillows and Love Potions
Dream Pillows and Love Potions
Dream Pillows are a centuries-old craft, based on how natural fragrances affect our memory. Learn why they work, what herbs to use (and some to avoid). Included are easy recipes for making your own dream blends at home, and some humorous ones, like how to attract a man (or keep one away). Full of interesting and useful information, along with a bit of garden humor. You'll find my formula for making a restful sleep pillow, which quietens nightmares, helps with better sleep. It's a book that's both fun to read and contains a great deal of good information about helping get better sleep.

You can also find our Kit for 8 on our Dream Pillows pages. There are enough herbs and cards to make 8 Pleasant Dream pillows for gifts or friends, click here to view that product.
Price: $4.95
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