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Recipes and Food from the Civil War
Recipes and Food from the Civil War
Recipes, Cooking Practices and Foods from the Era of the Civil War is a collection of historical recipes and cooking information from both notable historical figures and soldiers, as well. For example, Sumac tea was used by settlers and soldiers with the recipe given. Persimmon tea was a treatment for diarrhea by soldiers on both the Union and Confederate sides. Root beer and ginger beer recipes from the period, along with information about native plants used for food and medicine are included. You'll find the recipe and history of Senate Bean Soup, Lafayette's Gingerbread, Mrs. General Shridan's Patience Cake, cornpone, how hard tack was made and lots, lots more. You could plan an historical dinner with these recipes! Squirrel and dumplings anyone? It's a wonderful look at food during the mid-1800s.

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