Herbal Medicines of the Civil War
Herbal Medicines of the Civil War
Jim Long has been interested in herb and plant history for his entire life. When he was still in grade school he kept a diary of the stories he heard about Quantrill's Raiders, the James Gang and the Civil War. He interviewed elderly people in the little town where he lived for the plant remedies that were handed down in their families, many of those from well before and during the Civil War. He grew up in St. Clair County, Missouri, part of the area of West-Central Missouri that was cleared by the infamous Order Number 11, where early and continuing skirmishes between Union and Confederate sides took place.

Jim shares his plant lists, sources, and historical information. Civil War doctors were not all surgeons. Many were local country doctors and folk healers who were brought into the war to help with the wounded. Herbs and plants played an enormous part in medicine of the 1800s. A valuable reference for anyone who is researching plants for historical gardens and for anyone who is interested in medicinal plants of the Civil War. 36 pages illustrated.

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