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Dry-er Shoes-2
Dry-er Shoes-2
Dry-er Shoes are cloth bags, or little "pillows," filled with antifungal herbs, Ozarks aromatic cedar, charcoal, moisture-absorbing crystals and herbs for refreshing fragrance. To use, put a Dry-er Shoe pillow in each shoe, where it will absorb moisture and odors. If you use them in perpetually damp shoes, or have very smelly or damp shoes, you can simply toss the Dry-er Shoe pillows in your dryer, which will remove any excess moisture. They are not meant to be washed in the the washer, but drying occasionally is recommended.

You'll find your shoes smell better and are much dryer and fresher. Order a pair of Dry-er Shoes pillows for additional pairs of shoes or boots. One size fits most shoes, from teenagers to adults and work in any kind of shoes, boots, tennis shoes, etc. Cloth color may vary from what's shown, below.

Trying to decide between Dry-er Shoes bags or Dry-er Boots bags? The Dry-er Boots bags are nearly twice the size of Dry-er Shoes bags. Here's a comparison of the two:

Price: $6.95

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