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Psoriasis Cream
Psoriasis Medicated Moisturizer Contains 2% Salicylic Acid; for itchy irritated skin and reduces redness while restoring moisture. 1-ounce tube. Click on the image for more information.
Price: $2.95
Athletes Foot Cream
Athletes Foot Antifungal Cream Contains 1% Clotrimazole, meant to relieves itching, burning, cracking, scaling and discomfort. Click on the product for more information. Individual price 2.95
Price: $2.95
Home Remedies That Work
Safer, cheaper herb and natural remedies for healthy living. These are folk remedies that Jim has collected over the years from various sources. Click for more information.
Price: $6.95
Doggie Cookie Kit
A cute bone-shaped cookie cutter with our recipes for making delicious dog biscuits ('cookies') and a packet of mint for doggie breath. Click the photo for more details.
Price: $4.95
Great Herb Mixes You Can Make
Great Herb Mixes You Can Make, full of useful recipes, formulas, patterns and ideas. You could even start your own herb business! Click here for more details.
Price: $10.95
Cat Cookie Kit
Cute cookie cutter with recipes and catnip for making yummy cat treats for your favorite feline friend! Cats love the flavor and love the making them. Click image for details.
Price: $4.95
Restful Sleep Pillow
Our very best pillow for restful sleep without dreaming or nightmares. Reportedly helps with PTSD issues, safe for children and adults. Click the photo for details.
Price: $8.95
Nail Soak and Soaking Box Combo
Handy Combination - One box of Herbal Nail Fungus Soak, with the correct size plastic box we recommend to use while soaking feet and toenails. Handy lid prevents spills and evaporation. Click the box photo for more information.

Price: $19.95
Top 10 Most Popular Herbs
BEST SELLER: Growing & Using the Top 10 Most Popular Herbs. Perfect for anyone who wants to grow and use herbs. Click to see more information about this book.
Price: $6.95
Catnip Pillow
These are great Catnip little pillows, about 5 x 5 inches, made from soft cat design cloth, with soft fiberfill and our premium quality catnip. Click the photo for more information.
Price: $6.95
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