Making Herb Vinegars
Making Herb Vinegars
Making your own herbal vinegars! Includes lots of recipes for herb and fruit vinegars, information about kinds of vinegars to use, along with tips for cooking and using herb vinegars. 36 pages.

Here's a sample recipe from the book:

Strawberry-Mint Vinegar

This is delicious on fruit salads or on mixed spring salad greens. Use strawberry vinegar as a base for dessert sauces, adding it to whipped cream or mayonnaise for a cream sauce.

3 quarts (plus another 3 quarts later) fresh strawberries, stems removed, mashed
4-5 sprigs your favorite mint
3 quarts apple cider vinegar (pasteurized, not raw vinegar which contains bacteria that may cause problems in the vinegar)
1/8 cup, or more, brown sugar to taste

Combine the 3 quarts mashed strawberries, mint and vinegar, cover and set aside. Gently shake every day or two, for 2 weeks.
Strain out the berries and replace with 3 additional quarts of mashed strawberries.
Cover and set aside for 2 more weeks, gently shaking daily.
Strain and discard berries. Add the brown sugar and stir to dissolve. Bottle and add a sprig of fresh mint to each bottle.
Keep refrigerated.

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