It Will Do No Harm To Try ItThe Home Remedies Diary of Elias
It Will Do No Harm To Try It
The Home Remedies Diary of Elias
Elias Slagle began his diary in 1859 when he was 18 years old andliving in Ohio. He began recording herbal and folk remedy formulas,word for word, from doctors and healers he encountered. He apparently started his diary in preparation for having a family and moving West, then continued to record folk remedies for many years. These formulas helped him live through the years when he served in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War. Later, he moved his new wife, and his diary, to Texas, Oklahoma and finally Kansas, where he died.The Bushwhacker Museum, in Nevada, Missouri owns the original of Slagle's Diary and gave permission for the editing and publication of this fascinating book. From a humorous 'cure' for rattlesnake bite to distemper in 'Dogs,' Slagle gives us a vivid glimpse into plant medicines, life, and lifestyles of the mid-1800s. Edited and illuminated by noted herbalist and author, Jim Long, this collection of healing formulas is a colorful addition to any library of plant and folk medicines of the 19th century.

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