Home Remedies That Work
Home Remedies That Work
My Favorite Home Remedies That Work. Safer, cheaper herb and natural remedies for healthy living. These are folk remedies that Jim has collected over the years from various sources. Some are his own formulas that he has used himself, others were recommended by friends or reliable sources. Always use caution with any folk remedy and consult a physician or qualified health provider for any questionable or serious illness.

In this book you will find home remedies for these and many more:

Acid reflux, arthritis, bad breath, bed sores, bee sting, bleeding, body odor, burns, canker sores, chigger bites, dandruff, diaper rash, earache, puffy eyes, heartburn, herpes, itching eyes, jock itch, leg cramps, migraines, mouth ulcers, nail fungus, restless leg syndrome, sore gums, sore muscles, toothache, warts, yeast infections and lots more.

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