Bug Off Bar
Our best, all-natural bug repellent available. Use this as a body wash before going outdoors where there are insects. Excellent soap to keep bugs away! Click image for more information.

Price: $6.95
Chili Seasoning
Our Special Blend of Chili Powder. Not hot, just rich, delicious chili flavor. Use in chili, fajitas, tacos, Mexican dishes Generous 4 oz. container. Click the product for more information.
Price: $4.95
Tailgate Special
Fall is the time for tailgate parties, afternoons in front of the t.v. watching sports and simply entertaining friends. Here are some things that make the food fixing even more fun. Our very special Chili Seasoning works great in fajitas, dips, crackers and yes, especially in homemade chili. This is a great-flavored seasoning, not hot, but full of flavor. We think this it is the best chili sesoning you can buy anywhere. We send you a full one-half pound of seasoning. And with that, my Homemade Crackers book (try the cheddar crackers with chili, I think you'll like it). And to round out the party, I'm including my Easy Dips Using Herbs book, which includes 143 dip recipes in all. Order this great tailgate special now for entertaining and save $5.00, At that price, you can order extras for gifts for friends at Christmas.
Price: $19.95
Cutting Globe Multi-Pack
Multi-Pack Plant Globes include 1 large (about 4 inches), 3 small (about 1 inch in diameter) and 1 Medium Globe (about 2 inches in diameter). The perfect assortment for starting different plants.
Price: $10.95
Cutting Globe Large
Large Plant Globe, perfect for rooting larger plant limbs on maple, cherry, peach or other similar plants or trees. Directions are included. Click image to learn more.
Price: $6.95
Cutting Globe Medium
Medium plant Globes are our favorite for starting roses, figs, blackberries, maple trees - any plant or limb approximately the size of a pencil in circumference.
Price: $6.95
Cutting Globe Small
Small plant Globes, about 1 inch in diameter, perfect size for rooting small-stemmed plants like small limbs of tomato plants, vines, bittersweet, small rose branches. Click above to learn more.
Price: $6.95
Myths and Mysteries of Missouri
Jim recommends Josh Young's Myths and Mysteries of Missouri. This book dispels any notion the Show Me State is a boring place harboring little unknowns. A humorous and good read! Autographed.
Price: $15.00