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Make Your Own Hot Sauce
The best guide to making hot sauce! Jim's own recipes, tips, and sources. You'll learn how to use pepper varieties for all kinds of sauces. Click the book for more information,
Price: $6.95
Herbal Medicines of the Civil War
Valuable reference for anyone who is researching plants for historical gardens and for those interested in medicinal plants of the Civil War. 36 pages illustrated. Click the book for more details.
Price: $6.95
Recipes and Food from the Civil War
Recipes, Cooking Practices, and Foods from the Era of the Civil War is a collection of recipes from notable historical figures and everyday soldiers, too. Click for more information.
Price: $5.95
Herbal Medicines On The Santa Fe Trail
This is a look at plant medicines that shaped the medical treatment of the Civil War and helped to shape our medicines of today. Click the book for more information.
Price: $5.95
It Will Do No Harm To Try ItThe Home Remedies Diary of Elias
Elias Slagle began his medical diary in 1859 when he was 18 years old, living in Ohio. Fascinating read! Click the book for more details.
Price: $9.95
Making Herbal Dream Pillows
Sleep therapy formulas and recommendations. This book is a real treasure. Autographed upon request. Hardcover, classic. Click the book for more information.
Price: $14.95
Dream Pillows and Love Potions
Dream Pillows are a centuries-old craft, based on how natural fragrances affect our memory. Easy recipes for making your own sleep therapy blends. Click the book for more details.
Price: $4.95
Making Bentwood Garden Trellises
This is the definitive guide to making trellises from natural materials; a classic and is considered the best book on the market for this craft. 144 pages. Click the book to see more.
Price: $19.95
How to Make Romantic Bentwood Garden Trellises
A great way to recycle limbs and twigs! Step by step, easy directions for making full-sized garden trellises for your garden. Click the photo for more information.
Price: $5.95
Fabulous Herb and Flower Sorbets
Sorbets are so incredibly easy to make and your dinner guests will rave about your frozen gourmet treats. 36 pages of recipes that Jim has developed over the years. Click the book for a sample recipe.
Price: $5.95
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