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Jim Long's 2015 Programs Flyer

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Here are just a few of the programs I’m offering for 2018. All of my programs include useful information, humor and audience participation. For the complete list and descriptions for all of my programs and workshops, see my PROGRAMS FLYER, which you can view or download and print.

Herbs 101

Learn the basics of growing & using herbs. Jim covers how to plan an herb garden, start plants from seed or cuttings and how to harvest and preserve the herbs you’ve grown. He also covers cooking with herbs and shares some of his favorite recipes & herb uses. Slides; 45 min.

Growing & Using the 10 Most Popular Herbs

This is an exciting, fun and insightful look at how to grow and use the most popular herbs in North America. Jim conducted 2 nationwide surveys, ten years apart, to determine what are the most popular herbs. Information about growing, pest management and recipes are included. Slides; 45 min.

Creating Your Edible Landscape

Lawns require fertilizers, lots of water and plenty of toxic-to-wildlife chemicals, and yet they give little back to the homeowner. Learn how your home can look like a million dollars and yet produce food for your table by minimizing useless shrubbery or lawn, and planting edible plants in your landscape. Jim learned about edible landscaping from his grandmother, who taught him how to grow more plants per square inch and more food per month, and he shares both her secrets as well as his own. Slides; 45 min.

Eat Your Flowers!

Jim began using flowers in his meals in his local 4-H club when he was in his early teens. Over the years as a summer cook in restaurants and at his business, Long Creek Herb Farm, where’s he’s cooked for groups of all ages, Jim has developed a substantial repertoire of delicious and fascinating ways to use flowers for food. Recipes, flower identification and edible flower lists provided. Slides, demonstration and tasting; 45 min.

Heirloom Vegetables & Herbs, a Beginner’s Guide

Confused about the differences between an heirloom, a selection and a hybrid? Why grow heirlooms and what are their limitations and advantages? This program is an in-depth look at each, along with tips to help you choose which to grow in your own garden. Slides; 45 min.

My Favorite Home Remedies That Work

Jim has been collecting and testing home remedies for nearly all of his life. As a child, he recorded the local folk remedies from older people in his community. His newest book, Home Remedies That Work, is the inspiration for this program. He provides lots of simple, inexpensive and safe remedies you can use with your own family. Slides and demonstration; 45 min.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce!

Hot sauce can be simple and mild, or complex and sizzling hot. Hot sauce is not the same as salsa and you’ll learn why. Jim shows how to make your own hot sauces to fit your own tastes. He covers fermented sauces, cooked and raw sauces, along with ingredient descriptions, as well as the methods for preserving the sauces you make. Recipes and (often, if available) tastes of his sauces. Slides and demonstration; 45 min.

Cutting Edge Plants

What we grow as gardeners is often the result of the foods we eat. Ethnic restaurants, including Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Korean and Thai, are increasingly popular all over the U.S. Each of cultural those foods use a different assortment of herbs, spices and vegetables, and nurseries are increasingly offering some of those plants. Jim’s program is based on his travels around the world where he has brought back exciting, new plants you will want to grow, and on new herbs and vegetables that are entering the markets here. If you think “herbs” are parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, you may be surprised at the amazing variety of new herbs coming onto the markets. Slides; 45 minutes.

Better Sleep, Less Stress, with Dream Pillows (Program and Demonstration)

Learn how herbs and flowers can affect your sleep. Learn how to use mixtures that give you better sleep, eliminate nightmares, reduce stress. Based on Jim’s 3 books on Making Herbal Dream Pillows. Dream Pillows may be the most helpful way of using therapeutic herbs for better rest and health! 45 min.

Sensational Fresh Salsas (Program-Demonstration)

There’s lots more to salsas than tomatoes and peppers. Learn how to make new, delicious salsas from fruits, herbs and lots more. Banana salsa, watermelon salsa, cantaloupe, too! Fun, educational and you get to taste the results! 45 min.
More programs listed in the complete programs flyer. Fees, travel arrangements and other details are listed in the programs flyer, which you can view or DOWNLOAD HERE.
Jim’s programs are reserved several months in advance and some travel dates may not always be listed here. Please contact Jim directly at Longcreekherbs@yahoo.com for reserving a date for your conference or organization.