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We don’t sell plants or seed, but if you are looking for either one, we gladly recommend these excellent sources. They are people we know, and the suppliers we trust – Please tell them we sent you!

Asian and unusual herbs and plants:
Mountain Valley Growers: mountainvalleygrowers.com
Richters Herbs: richters.com

Heirloom vegetable and herb seed:
Baker Creek Heirloom Seed: rareseeds.com
Johnny’s Selected Seeds: johnnyseeds.com
Pinetree Gardens: superseeds.com
Renee’s Garden Seed: reneesgarden.com

Herbs, vegetable seed, plants, wine making, sourdough starters:
Nichols Garden Nursery: nicholsgardennursery.com

Miscellaneous, unusual, rare:
Chili Pepper plants, Cross Country Nurseries: chileplants.com
Chili Roasters, Arizona Chili Roasters: arizonachileroasters.com
Fruit and berry plants, Pense Nursery: pensenursery.net
Mushroom kits and plugs: Pinetree Garden Seed: superseeds.com
Organic Potatoes, excellent quality, Wood Prairie Farm: woodprairie.com
Red-leaf, edible hibiscus (Hibiscus eetveldianus/acetosella), Glasshouse Works: glasshouseworks.com

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