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Fungus Fighter Tincture (Spilanthes Usnea) is a great supplement to Nail Fungus Soak for persistent problems. Buy 2 or more and they are only $12.00 each!

$12.95 – Save on the purchase of two or more!


Our recommendation for using Fungus Fighter Tincture is this: Use the Nail Fungus Soak once a day, soaking for 3-5 minutes. If you soak in the morning, then in the evening, use 1 drop of Fungus Fighter Tincture on each affected nail, and put 30 drops of Tincture in a glass of water or juice (apple juice works very well to mask the flavor) and drink it daily. If you are pregnant or nursing, our recommendation is that you don't use the Tincture internally.. There are about 1000 drops in a bottle of Tincture enough for approximately 2-3 weeks use. (1 oz. bottle).

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