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Herbs 101
Whether you're experienced with growing herbs or a beginner, you will find great information about propagation, harvesting, storing and lots of recipes. Click here for more information and a recipe.
Price: $5.95
Make Your Own Hot Sauce
I love hot sauce! I annually grow about 3 dozen varieties of hot peppers and turn them into sauces and other hot foods. Make Your Own Hot Sauce is a collection of my favorite recipes. I’ve also included directions for canning, freezing and fermenting sauces from the peppers you grow. The methods are easy, fun and give you the option of adding as little, or as much, heat as you’d like. Click the book for more information.
Price: $6.95
Herbal Medicines of the Civil War
Jim's Herbal Medicines of the Civil War programs have been popular with groups from coast to coast. At long last Jim shares his plant lists, sources and historical information. Civil War doctors were not all surgeons. Many were local country doctors and folk healers who were brought into the war to help with the wounded. Herbs and plants played an enormous part in medicine of the 1800s. Valuable reference for anyone who is researching plants for historical gardens and for anyone who is interested in medicinal plants of the Civil War. 36 pages illustrated. Click the book for more details.
Price: $6.95
Recipes and Food from the Civil War
Recipes, Cooking Practices and Foods from the Era of the Civil War is a collection of historical recipes and cooking information from both notable historical figures and everyday soldiers, too. For example, Sumac tea... (click for more information)
Price: $5.95
Herbal Medicines On The Santa Fe Trail
The Santa Fe Trail was an historic trade route that brought cayenne peppers up the Trail and sent back diseases the indigenous people had never seen. Rugged people traveled the Trail, taking along new state-of-the-art medicines, as well as discovering new plants along the way. This is a look at plant medicines that shaped the medical treatment of the Civil War and helped to shape our medicines of today. Click the book for more information.
Price: $5.95
It Will Do No Harm To Try It - The Home Remedies Diary of Elias
Elias Slagle began his diary in 1859 when he was 18 years old and living in Ohio. He began recording herbal and folk remedy formulas, word for word, from doctors and healers he encountered. This book was discarded in a dumpster and what a loss that would have been! Click the book for more details.
Price: $9.95
Making Herbal Dream Pillows
Beautifully illustrated, lots of formulas for sleep therapy, with helpful recommendations. This book is a real treasure. Autographed upon request. Hardcover. Click the book for more information.
Price: $14.95
Dream Pillows and Love Potions
Dream Pillows are a centuries-old craft, based on how natural fragrances affect our memory. Learn why they work, what herbs to use (and some to avoid). Included are easy recipes for making your own dream blends at home, and some humorous ones, like how to attract a man (or keep one away). Full of interesting and useful information, along with a bit of garden humor. Click the book for more details.
Price: $4.95
Making Bentwood Garden Trellises
This is THE definitive guide to making trellises from natural materials. With this easy guide you can make delightful trellises for your garden or landscape. Easy to follow illustrations for trellises, gates, fences, arbors and lots more. Perfect for making garden decor for weddings, too! 144 pages. Click the book to see more.
Price: $19.95
How to Make Romantic Bentwood Garden Trellises
A great way to recycle limbs and twigs! Step by step, easy directions for making full-sized garden trellises for your garden, as well as miniatures for the desk planter. Includes simple gates, arbors and decorative fences. Shorter, basic instructions than Making Bentwood Trellises listed elsewhere, but a great guide for beginners. Click the photo for more information.
Price: $5.95
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