Restful Sleep Pillow
Our very best pillow for restful sleep without dreaming or nightmares. Reportedly helps with PTSD issues, safe for children and adults. Click the photo for details.
Price: $8.95
Pleasant Dream Pillow
This Is our most popular dream pillow for those wanting to remember their dreams. Soothingly pleasant dreams for peaceful sleep. Click for more information.
Price: $8.95
1/2# Bulk Restful Sleep Blend
Jim's best formula for easing nightmares and giving peaceful sleep. Pharmacist formula helpful for adults and children with trouble sleeping. Helpful for those suffering from PTSD.
Price: $15.00
3x5 Drawstring Bags
3x5 Cotton Drawstring Bags; $0.35 each. Perfect for Dream Pillows, Bulk blends, catnip toys, teas or crafts. Discounts will be applied when you click on "Update totals" in Checkout.
Price: $0.35
Dream Pillow Folders
Each folder will hold a muslin drawstring bag of dream herbs. Tie it with your own ribbon and give as a gift! $0.35 each; 10 for $3.30; 100 for $25.00. Change quantity at checkout to receive discount.
Price: $0.35