Fabulous Herb and Flower Sorbets


Sorbets are so incredibly easy to make and your dinner guests will rave about your frozen gourmet treats. 36 pages of recipes that Jim has developed over the years.

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Sorbets are so incredibly easy and quick to make! My sorbet book is filled with lots of my recipes I have developed over the years for making quick, delicious frozen desserts from flowers and herbs. You will be amazed at the flavors and your dinner guests will rave about your frozen gourmet treats. 36 pages filled with delightful recipes. Here’s a sample recipe from the book and one of my favorites.

Blackberry Basil Sorbet
I concocted this one day when a television crew was scheduled to visit my garden for an interview. It was blackberry season and I had picked a bunch of blackberries the day before and made juice. I had lots of basil growing in the garden and decided to use ruby basil with the blackberry juice. Any kind of basil works fine for this, just use the fresh leaves rather than dried ones.

Begin with 3 cups of blackberry juice, either bottled or fresh (or you can substitute blueberry juice, too).
1/2 cup sugar
6-10 fresh basil leaves
1 cup of water
Juice of one freshly-squeeze lemon

In a blender, combine the water, sugar, basil leaves, and half the blackberry juice. Blend well to dissolve the sugar and pulverize the basil leaves.
Add the remaining juice and chill the mixture for about 2 hours. Pour into your favorite sorbet or ice cream mixer and freeze until firm.
Serve with a basil leaf for garnish. This makes a perfect summertime dessert or a palate-cleansing course between other foods.