1/2# Bulk Pleasant Dreams Blend


Pleasant Dreams Blend is perfect for the person who thinks they don’t dream, or don’t remember their dreams, and this includes herbs to help you remember your dreams. Most people report dreaming in color, too, even when they haven’t before!

Pleasant Dreams blend was created to give you enjoyable, pleasant dreams. It includes the herb, Mugwort, which helps you remember your dreams. This is fun for people who say they don't dream in color, or never dream. You will likely notice a difference in your dreaming the first or second night of using this blend. One half-pound of Pleasant Dreams blend will make about 20-30 dream therapy pillows. We suggest using about 2 heaping tablespoons full in our cloth drawstring bag. Give as gifts when combined with our Dream Therapy Folders (each folder describes both the Restful Sleep blend and the Pleasant Dreams blend).

Pleasant Dreams Formula