Top 10 Most Popular Herbs


BEST SELLER: Growing & Using the Top 10 Most Popular Herbs. Perfect for anyone who wants to grow and use herbs.

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This is an excellent book for gardeners who want to know how to grow and use herbs. Jim conducted surveys of the seed and plant sellers across the U.S., researching the most popular sales of herb plants and seeds. With each herb, you will find specific growing information, varieties, potential pests, growing tips, and great recipes for using that specific herb. 36 pages with 4 color pages inside.

In it you will learn how to use each of the following herbs along with information about growing and plenty of recipes to get you started with the herbs you grow.

The Ten Most Popular Herbs in the U.S., by sales, are the following:
1 – Basil
2 – Lavender
3 – Parsley
4 – Mint
5 – Rosemary
6 – Oregano/Marjoram
7 – Thyme
8 – Sage
9 – Chives
10 – Cilantro