1/2# Bulk Restful Sleep Blend


Jim’s best formula for easing nightmares and giving peaceful sleep. Pharmacist formula helpful for adults and children with trouble sleeping. Helpful for those suffering from PTSD and worrying dreams.

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This formula was given to me by a pharmacist friend over 30 years ago when I was suffering from awful nightmares and sleeplessness. (The complete story is in my book, Making Herbal Dream Pillows, found on our books page). We have customers who buy this blend and make Dream Pillows for Veterans who suffer from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and they report wonderful results with those. We've seen this work with both kids and adults who have problems sleeping or nightmares, and the results are apparent for most people the very first night they use the pillow. This is the very best blend for people who have difficulty sleeping or suffer from nightmares.

One-half pound of Dream Blend will make 28-30 Dream Therapy Pillows (using Dream Folders with Cotton Drawstring bags, or for those you sew yourself), using 2 tablespoons per pillow. Two tablespoons are plenty, if you use more, it will be too strong while you're dreaming.

A Dream Therapy Pillow easily can last for a year or more. We recommend you tuck the little pillow inside your pillowcase and use it for about 2 weeks. The first or second night you will notice your dreaming has changed. Leave it in your pillowcase for about 2 weeks, then remove it and put it back in the plastic bag it came in. Then in a few days, place it back inside your pillowcase. Otherwise, your mind will get accustomed to the mild fragrance of the Dream Pillow and not work as well. Using it this way, in the pillowcase for a week or two, then out of it for a week or two, it will easily keep working for you for up to a year. Just be sure not to wash it in the laundry, that eliminates the mild fragrances quickly and it will no longer work.

If you have allergies to plants in general or have any sort of reaction to the Dream Therapy Pillow, quit using it. For most everyone, though, Dream Therapy Pillows are helpful, pleasant, and a great way to have better sleep.