Restful Sleep Pillow in Folder


Our Dream Therapy folder with description and how to use it, with one cotton bag containing the Restful Sleep Blend

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What we send you: One cotton drawstring bag with approx. 3 tablespoons of our Restful Sleep blend. The folder includes a description of how to use your bag, along with a bit of history and other useful information. Our Dream Therapy blend contains only organic herbs, no chemicals or fragrance oils of any kind. Most people experience more peaceful, dream-free sleep the first or second night of use.

Be aware is not intended to scent a room. Dream Therapy blends are subtle, otherwise the fragrance would overwhelm your mind as you sleep and not be useful. Simply tuck the herb-filled bag anywhere inside your pillow case. It should last for many months, just be sure you do not run it through the laundry, which would ruin the herbs.