Catnip Pillow


These are great Catnip little pillows, about 5 x 5 inches, made from soft cat design cloth, with soft fiberfill and our premium quality catnip. Click the photo for more information.

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Our Catnip pillows are about 5 x 5 inches, hand-sewn from soft cat design cloth, then puffed up with a bit of fiberfill and stuffed with our premium quality catnip. Great gift for your cat, or a gift to your cat-loving friend.

The only complaint we’ve had from our bulk Catnip, our Cat Cookie Kits, or our Catnip Pillows, are from people who’ve had their package delivered from us while they are at work. The cats, who are curious creatures anyway, manage to dig into the package and find the catnip! It’s that good, so good the cats can smell it through the packaging!