How to Eat a Rose


Simply Delicious Recipes for rose cakes, cookies, beverages, ice creams, candies, and lots more. 36 pages with color photos, too!

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Simply Delicious Recipes for Eating Roses! Really? Roses for food? Absolutely! In many areas of the world, the rose is considered a seasoning herb as well as a lovely flower. I’ve been collecting recipes from around the world for many years, as well as creating many all-new ones myself. You’ll find recipes for cakes, cookies, beverages, ice creams, candies, and lots more, all using the fragrant rose as the primary flavoring ingredient. 36 pages with color photos, too. The rose was the official Herb of the Year as designated by the International Herb Association in 2012.

Here’s a recipe from my childhood:
Mom’s Rose Sandwiches

Angel food cake, preferably 2 days old so as to slice easier (dip knife in warm water for easier slicing)
1 8-ounce package cream cheese, softened to room temperature
2 or 3 cups fragrant rose petals, any color

Slice angel food cake into slices about 1/2 inch thick. Carefully spread a layer of cream cheese on all of the cake slices.
Layer rose petals on top of the cream cheese on half the slices.
Put the sandwich pieces together then cut into finger-sized sandwiches such as diamonds, rectangles, etc.
Top each sandwich with a rose petal or a candied mint leaf. Serve with rose iced tea.
Children love these as well as adults. (Most men, however, can do without finger sandwiches).